A Collection of selected maps of Iran in the Qajar Era (1193 - 1344 Lunar Calendar / 1779-1926 Gregorian Calendar)

Documentary heritage submitted by the Islamic Republic of Iran and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2013.

© The Center for Documents & Diplomatic History (CNDHD)
Map of Two Docks on the Two Sides of the Ahvaz Dam & the Road That Connects Them. By: Abd-Ul-Ghaffar Najm-Ul-Mulk. 1889. Scale: 1/5000; Dimensions: 47x44 cm.

The collection of maps is a compilation of handwritten and lithographic maps which show the geographical plateau of Iran as a major part of the historical Silk Road as well as the interface of the North-South corridor. The collection is a significant research document, providing an authentic source for studying the demographic, natural, historical and cultural geography of different West-Asian  regions.  The maps provide information on boundary lines, impacts of human-instigated and natural disasters on the borders, and geographical place names some of which are now either non-existent or have been renamed.

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