Constantine Collection

Documentary heritage submitted by Trinidad and Tobago and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2011.

© Gloria T. Valère
Happy Sir Learie Constantine during his installation as Rector

The Constantine Collection documents both the public and private life of the late Learie Nicholas Constantine, Baron Constantine of Maraval, in Trinidad and Tobago and of Nelson, in the County Palatine of Lancaster whose professional career as a cricketer revolutionized League Cricket and paved the way for the West Indian cricketers to play in the United Kingdom cricket leagues after World War II. He was a Pan Africanist, Head of the League of Coloured Peoples, a politician, diplomat, broadcaster, journalist, lecturer and a respected author. He was the first person of African descent to become: a member of the House of Lords in 1969, a member of the Race Relations Board, Sports Council and Governor of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). His sterling achievements are significant as they were attained at a critical era in world history, when the exclusion of people of colour in political, social and economic life was openly supported by legislation in some countries such as the oppressive apartheid system in South Africa and segregation based on colour in North America.

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