Mongolian Tanjur

Documentary heritage submitted by Mongolia and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2011.

© National Library of Mongolia
Mongolian Tanjur, Wrapped in yellow fabric and pressed by 2 wooden frames in sandal wood book covers

Tanjur (Tibetan for translation of treatise) have had a huge effect on the development of Mongolian literature and other branches of science. The proposed inscription concerns a large collection of over 3427 works on ten disciplines created by ancient Indian and Tibetan scientists and panditas. It has served as a theoretical guide for translators and moreover greatly contributed to the translation of Mongolian of the Middle Ages.

The stone stele monument was created to mark the historical event of arrival of the 226 volumes of the Mongolian Tanjur into the capital city of Mongolia in 1924 and its subsequent hand over to the newly established National Library of Mongolia. This monument depicts text of an agreement with 9 provisions in accordance to which the Tanjur in Mongolian script that was kept at the Buddhist temple in Tsahar county of Lord Wise Nayant had been transferred into permanent ownership of the Institute of Sutra and Records under the Ministry of Enlightenment of Mongolia. Also symbolizes the first collection efforts undertaken which were inscribed onto granite to immortalize the sacred traditions of the Mongolian people to cherish and respect knowledge contained in books. Additionally, the monument bears the long standing cultural and aesthetic traditions of mongols to create stele stone sculptures and monuments to mark historically important events and deeds.

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