10 December 2003, 10 a.m.-12 a.m - Palexpo, Hall 4, Room 16

Digi-Arts (http://portal.unesco.org/digiarts) is part of the UNESCO Knowledge Portal, which aims at promoting arts and music using information and communication technology and fostering the culture of ICT and creative artistic practices. Digi-Arts Portal has a number of diverse activities according to different objectives and target audiences: promoting arts, science and technology to permit practicing artists, scientists, engineers, and technologists to work together on new forms of expression rooted in computational models; bringing digital technology to young people to bridge the many barriers that separate them from the world; creating cultural content based on diversity for ICT communication.

This panel of ICT4D Forum will especially present a new e-learning method for digital arts as well as four web-based programmes designed for young people from different cultures, in and out of schools, inviting them to reflect and exchange views on global/social issues such as HIV/AIDS, Water, Urbanization, History of Africa, through a collaborative experience of creating art works with digital sound, images and other multimedia materials.

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