Education and Knowledge Societies

The event is composed of 3 sessions:

  1. Education for knowledge societies: trends, challenges and policies..
  2. Education in knowledge societies: strategies, tools, teaching and learning.
  3. UNESCO as a key actor in the development of education for and in knowledge societies.

It is aimed at raising the attention of all Summit Stakeholders on the importance of the issues of education for the construction of knowledge societies and role of education in knowledge societies. Some recent undertakings with ICTs as a vehicle for the development of Education for All will be presented. The role of UNESCO and NGOs cooperating with the Organization in the development of education for and in knowledge societies will be discussed. The participants of the Round Table discussion (decision- and policy makers in education, representatives of UN agencies and NGOs, educators, scientists and students) are invited to provide some principles and recommendations, which should help the world community to meet the challenges of knowledge societies.

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