Language, Literacy and New Technologies

12 December 2003, 2-6 p.m - Palexpo, ICT4D Platform

The Thematic Roundtable Language, Literacy and New Technologies: The challenge of culturally adapted content for development will be structured around three consecutive sessions.

The first session will be composed primarily of experiences from developing countries that illustrate current efforts aimed at supporting literacy and development goals with the support of ICT, with a special focus on local language content. Best practices, lessons learned and case studies from these projects will consider past, present and future possibilities. Presentations will identify key challenges and opportunities for blending the best uses of language, literacy and ICT for the poorest populations in developing countries.

The second session will consist of an interactive moderated debate between several panellists drawn from differing sectors (governmental, intergovernmental, private and development agencies, media) and with a policy orientation. Modalities for overcoming challenges to effective project development and replication and creating initiatives supporting the WSIS plan of action will be examined.

The third session will be in a “break-out” format to facilitate small group discussions around specific projects (some with special demos to illustrate their current work).

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