Launch of the Community Multimedia Centres Initiative

10 December 2003, 6.15–7.15 p.m - ICT4D, Room 4

From Pilot to National Programme :

Building on a multi-stakeholder funding model inspired by the idea of a National Consortium, the Community Multimedia Centres Initiative is a UNESCO-led initiative endorsed by the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) and the Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation (SDC). In a first step, the CMCI will concentrate on the nation-wide scaling-up of CMCs in Mali, Mozambique and Senegal. The Initiative is championed by the Heads of State of these three countries.

In Africa today there are nearly 20 pilot Community Multimedia Centres (CMCs) that combine community radio with telecentre facilities. Based on the idea of community access, CMCs meet local needs by collecting, producing, exchanging and disseminating relevant content in local languages and offer learning opportunities for target groups such as women and young people. Financial viability is sought by matching sources of revenue against operating costs.

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