Public Service Broadcasting

11 December 2003, 9 a.m.-12.30 a.m - World Electronic Media Forum, Palexpo, Room P

The World Electronic Media Forum will be organized from the 9-11 December at the same venue as the World Summit on the Information Society. The first two days of the Media Forum will be structured as an interactive television programme with, at its centre, a dialogue between media leaders present in Geneva and media stakeholders worldwide. The third day of the WEMF will comprise a number of workshops focusing on specific issues relating to the evolution and future of broadcasting in the Information Society.

The workshop on Public Service Broadcasting organized by UNESCO will concentrate on the current and future challenges to PSB. In today’s interplay of changing technological, commercial, political and cultural factors, editorially independent Public Service Broadcasting must prove its relevance. Neither commercial nor State-controlled, public service broadcasting’s raison d’être is to offer a public service, a public space where all citizens are welcome and considered equals. In developing countries, PSB has a key mission in promoting access to education and culture, developing knowledge and fostering interaction among citizens. Several speakers, representing different regions and various professional communities will share their specific realities and approaches and also deal with universal challenges, such as “Why PSB is often misunderstood and misinterpreted?” “How is PSB different from State, commercial and community broadcasting?” “Promoting PSB in digital age: principles, best practices and guidelines” “Public Service Broadcasting and Citizenship in the Information Society”.

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