Construction of Knowledge Societies through the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme

18 November 2005, Kram PalExpo, Tunis, Tunisia

The Round Table addressed all issues relevant to the role of higher education in the construction of knowledge societies and to the challenges facing systems in efficiently playing this role and effectively contributing to the social, economic and cultural development of nations. 

A number of crucial challenges were discussed, such as:

  • equity and quality of higher education, 
  • barriers to harnessing ICT in education, 
  • under-development of research, 
  • diminishing government financial support to higher education, 
  • the brain drain, 
  • language barriers preventing access to information on the Internet, and 
  • bridging the knowledge gap.

The round table was composed of two working sessions and one closing session. 
It was conducted in three languages - Arabic, English and French - with simultaneous interpretation.

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