UNESCO’s exhibition on ICT4All in Tunis showed how UNESCO, with its partners, is taking action in the fight against poverty, the digital divide and global inequalities.

The stand also showcased how UNESCO is applying the principles of knowledge societies to empower people and assist them to grasp the opportunities for development that are offered by knowledge. 

This exhibition provided a “space” for mobilizing new action-oriented partnerships and further cooperation among various stakeholders. It facilitated the exchange of ideas and experiences, the creation of networks and the promotion of dialogue for sustainable development. 

It was built on the successful relationships forged in Geneva and on UNESCO’s achievements in implementing the WSIS Plan of Action. 


Anet Scheuer - Karsten Wiegers Winner of the UNESCO Stand design project: OASIS OF KNOWLEDGE

Reflecting UNESCO, we saw the organisation as protector of culture in the world. We came to the conclusion that culture needs to be protected – against other interests, like a treasure. 

We call it ‚SAFE OF CULTURE‘. It is separated for meetings and WIPs from the ‘OASIS OF KNOWLEDGE‘, the main booth-area. We made it transparent with an inconspicuous entrance to the closed area. (It will be up to you, how open you will use it). 

To contrast the UNESCO Stand with commercials messtands, we chose a cultured calm working- and learning-atmosphere. 

Easy Access to Information for everybody on comfortable WORK-STATIONS. 

We propose to serve ‘thé a la menthe‘ for free, to use Tunisian peoples’ tradition of hospitality. 

Multilingual WRITINGS of the key features of the UNESCO are printed on the transparent walls and projected on the floor. (in contrast to over-coloured advertizing). 
BAMBOO gives the space a feeling of an oasis. 

In addition the Bamboo-plants are metaphorical signs for writing, quick growing, robustness, stability, and we can see the roots. We think that this suits UNESCO.

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