WSIS Implementation and Follow-up

UNESCO works with all stakeholders towards the implementation of the outcomes of WSIS.

UNESCO’s role in the implementation process

UNESCO’s role in the implementation process is three-fold: 

  • UNESCO implements concrete activities included in the Geneva Plan of Action within the framework of its regular programme and budget.
  • UNESCO helps facilitating the coherent implementation of the Action Lines in its areas of competence.
  • UNESCO, together with ITU and UNDP, is engaged in shaping the overall multi-stakeholder coordination of the Facilitators of all Action Lines.

WSIS Action lines

The Tunis Agenda for the Information Society states that the WSIS implementation mechanism at the international level should be organised taking into account the themes and action lines in the Geneva Plan of Action, and moderated or facilitated by UN agencies when appropriate.  It also states that ITU, UNESCO and UNDP should play a leading facilitating role in the implementation of the Geneva Plan of Action.

>> Click here to see the list of action lines for which UNESCO acts as facilitator

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