Fourth facilitation meeting on Action Line C10 ''Ethical dimensions of the Information Society''

19 May 2009 (16:00-17:30), ITU Headquarters, Room E, Montbrillant Building - Geneva, Switzerland

The introductory part of the Facilitation meeting was be devoted to reports on the implementation of this Action Line by the participants and on leading trends and developments in the field of Info-Ethics. 

The core deliberations aimed at covering the planned follow up initiatives by stakeholders regarding: 

  • Steps for promoting further respect for peace and to uphold the fundamental values of freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance, shared responsibility, and respect for nature.
  • Efforts by stakeholders in order to increase their awareness of the ethical dimension of their use of ICT.
  • Measures taken in order to promote the common good, protect privacy and personal data and take appropriate actions and preventive measures, as determined by law, against abusive uses of ICT.
  • Encouragement of relevant stakeholders, especially the academia, to continue research on ethical dimensions of ICT.

This was an interactive session. The meeting was be hosted by Ms Miriam Nisbet, Director, Information Society Division, UNESCO and Boyan Radoykov, the C10 Action Line Coordinator and contact person for inquiries (b.radoykov(at)

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