Third consultation on Action Line C3

19 May 2008 (3 - 5 pm), ITU (Room C2, Montbrillant Building), Geneva, Switzerland

"ICTs allow people, anywhere in the world, to access information and knowledge almost instantaneously. Individuals, organizations and communities should benefit from access to knowledge and information." 

As leading facilitator agency for the WSIS implementation process, UNESCO invites all stakeholders to present concrete projects and initiatives, share best practices and initiate joint ventures. 

For the 2008 Facilitator meeting UNESCO decided to focus on the sub-theme "Diversity of Software Models". UNESCO supports the development and use of open, interoperable, non-discriminatory standards for information handling and access as important elements in developing effective infostructures that contribute to democratic practices, accountability and good governance. 

Action Line C3 "Access to Information and Knowledge" sub-themes: 

  • Public domain information
  • Access to public official information
  • Community access
  • Libraries and archives
  • Diversity of software models
  • Research and development for accessibility for all
  • Open access to scientific information
  • E-government for local authorities

In order to stimulate the discussion and to provide a forum to discuss projects and initiatives, a discussion forum has been made available. 

Meeting documents

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