Fourth consultation on Action Line C3

18 May 2009 (16:00-17:30), ITU, Room B, Montbrillant Building - Geneva, Switzerland

This session focused more specifically on opening access to scientific data and knowledge, building on the prior discussions of the High-Level Panel on Accessing Knowledge. 

It is well recognized that science and technology are pillars of socio economic development and “knowledge societies” are societies that are scientifically informed. However, few universities and research institutions, particularly in developing countries, have full access to research, even if it was publicly financed. 

This session examined the role of open access to scientific knowledge in contributing to sustainable development and discussed avenues for ongoing and future action in this field. 

In addition, a short presentation of the newly launched WSIS community platform  shared ways on how the Action Lines can best continue their discussions and work in between face-to-face meetings. 

For more information, please contact Miriam Nisbet (wsis(at), Director of UNESCO’s Information Society Division.

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