Fifth consultation on Action Line C3 “ICTs and Persons with disabilities”: 11 May 2010


11 May 2010 (14:30-16:00), ITU, Room K, Geneva, Switzerland

This interactive debate focussed on how ICTs, particularly access to the Internet, can improve the quality of life by providing new employment and learning opportunities for persons with disabilities. The content on the Internet and the design of the web pages should accommodate the needs and demands of those with disabilities, based on accessibility international standards.
At WSIS Forum 2010, UNESCO, together with its partners, advocated for the right of persons with disabilities and promoted best practices of international, national, local, nongovernmental and civil society organizations working with persons with disabilities. 

Key questions of the session included: 

  • What are the main requirements to make the Internet accessible for persons with disabilities?
  • How ICTs tools and applications have proven to be useful for the employment of persons with disabilities?
  • What are the major challenges to make the Internet accessible for persons with disabilities?
  • How local governmental institutions through ICTs could improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities?
  • telework can provide new employment opportunities for persons with disabilities?


  • Ms Andrea J Saks, International Telecommunications Specialist for the Deaf Convener ITU JCA-AHF (Joint Coordinating Activity on Accessiblity and Human Factors) 
    Coordinator IGF DCAD (Dynamic Coalition on Accessiblity and Disability)
  • Mr Lucien Stanzione, Mayor of Althen des Paluds (France)
  • Mr Mokhtar Ben Ali, Center of Telework for Persons with Disabilities in Tunis (Tunis) 
  • Mr Pierre Petit, Association ”A Hauteur d'Homme” (France)
  • Mr Gilles Canet, Director, Association of APAHM (France)
  • Mr Youssef Sbai, Center of Telework for Persons with Disabilities in Tanger (Morocco)
  • Ms Susan Schorr, Telecommunication Development Bureau, International Telecommunication Union, Geneva 

Meeting documents

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