Fifth consultation on Action Lines C3 & C7 “Open access to scientific information”


10 May 2010 (16:00-17:30), ITU Building, Room L, Geneva, Switzerland

Science and technology are essential for attaining peace, poverty eradication, sustainable development and promoting a dialogue among different cultures and knowledge systems. Equal access to scientific and technical knowledge and basic services through appropriate technologies, lead to better living standards, especially for the excluded segments of societies. 

The WSIS Plan of Action Action Lines C3 Access and C7 e-Science identified the role of Governments and all stakeholders to: 

  • Promote internet connectivity for all universities and research institutions;
  • Promote the publishing, differential pricing, and Open Access models of distributing scientific information;
  • Promote peer-to-peer scientific exchanges;
  • Promote the long-term systematic collection of scientific data;
  • Promote principles and metadata standards for research and cooperation.

This interactive meeting will provide updates on contributions to achieving the Action Lines as well as significant upcoming initiatives and key global events. Speakers will deliver concise presentations and the moderator will be facilitating questions from the audience and stimulating a lively debate. 

The meeting will be moderated by Mr. Indrajit Banerjee, UNESCO focal point for Open Access.

Meeting documents

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