Second consultation meeting on Action Line C7 "E-learning"

23 May 2007 (3 - 6 pm), ITU (Room K, Montbrillant Building), Geneva, Switzerland

"Everyone should have the necessary skills to benefit fully from the Information Society. Therefore capacity building and ICT literacy are essential. ICTs can contribute to achieving universal education worldwide, through delivery of education and training of teachers, and offering improved conditions for lifelong learning, encompassing people that are outside the formal education process, and improving professional skills." 

In accordance with the results of the first multistakeholder consultation held in October 2006 in Paris, which assigned UNESCO a role as the facilitator for the implementation of the Action Line C7 "E-learning", UNESCO organizes the second multistakeholder consultation on C7 "E-learning" on 23 May 2007 at ITU in Geneva. 

The main objectives of the meeting are to: 

  • present concrete projects and initiatives that have been carried out aiming at implementing the action lines 
  • initiate joint ventures between stakeholders 
  • determine parameters for organizing the team work 

In order to stimulate the discussion, have a clearer idea of the different points to the agenda prior to the meeting and to provide a forum to discuss projects and initiatives to be presented during the meeting, a forum has been made available.


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