Fourth consultation meeting on Action Line C7 ''E-learning''

20 May 2009 (16:00-17:30), ITU, Room B1, Montbrillant Building - Geneva, Switzerland

Mobile Learning : Effective Learning on Portable devices 

While the mobile phone is the most widely distributed information device available to citizens around the world, challenges remain: technical (e.g screen and key size, multiple standards), socio-economic (e.g. privacy, cost barriers) and educational (e.g. m-learning theory, repurposing e-learning materials). 

The e-learning Action Line meeting builded on the prior discussion of the High-Level Panel with a particular focus on mobile or m-learning. It was also a continuation of the 2008 low-cost ICT devices session. 

Many educational mobile learning uses have been explored: from low-cost mass learning opportunities through SMS, to edutainment, to data gathering (surveys, exams, questionnaires) to administrative and learning support, with very different mobile devices. 

The session combined a mix of presentation and discussion in the usual multistakeholder and open setting. 

UNESCO’s contact for this session is Cédric Wachholz.

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