Consultation meeting on WSIS Action Line C8 “Cultural Diversity and Identity, Linguistic Diversity and Local Content”

In accordance with the Tunis Agenda for the Information Society and the Consultation Meeting of Possible Action Line Moderators/Facilitators (Geneva, 24 February 2006), which designated UNESCO as provisional focal point of WSIS Action Line C8, the first consultation meeting on Action Line C8 was convened by UNESCO on 12 May 2006 (Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland). 

The main objectives of this first meeting were to: 

  • facilitate initial contacts and information sharing among stakeholders;
  • identify a core group of stakeholders that could become a “Multi-stakeholder Team” of Action Line C8;
  • designate an official facilitator of the Multistakeholder Team;
  • discuss working methods of the Multi-stakeholder Team including the draft terms of reference of the Multi-stakeholders of Action Line C8 as well as the possibility of sub-dividing Action Line C8 into several sub-themes or groups.

Accordingly, the meeting designated UNESCO as the official facilitator of the Multi-stakeholder Team on Action Line C8; discussed working methods of the Team; and, adopted the Draft Terms of Reference of the Multistakeholders. Based on the meeting deliberations, UNESCO made a further proposal on the working methods of the Multi-stakeholder Team. 

Meeting documents

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