Interactive Facilitation Meeting (IFM) "Media Regulation: Broadcasters and Social Media" (C9)

18 May 2011 (14:45-16:15), Room XI, International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva, Switzerland

The meeting explores various guidelines and media regulation frameworks of broadcasters, particularly PSB, and the emerging social network platforms, which feed into crosscutting subthemes of WSIS C9. Recent outcomes, guidelines and publications on the subject will be presented by panelists and debated with stakeholders. UNESCO will take the opportunity to launch its new publications “A Global Legal Survey of PSB” and “Guidelines for Broadcasters on Promoting user-generated Content and Media and Information Literacy”.

Tentative agenda

14:45: Opening Remark by Representative of UNESCO

14:50: Presentations by Panelists

  • A Global Legal Survey of Public Service Broadcasting
    Mr. Toby Mendel, Executive Director, Centre for Law and Democracy
  • Guidelines for Broadcasters on Promoting user-generated Content
    Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, Transforming Broadcasting
  • Media Matter and Citizens Care: Citizen's engagement with the Media
    Ms Ammu Joseph Expert, blogger and independent journalist, India

15:30:  Reporting Session

  • Transition from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting
    Mr. István Bozsóki, BDT/PRI/TND, ITU

15:40: Open floor to other stakeholders at present

  • Questions & Answers

16:10: Close Remark by Chair

Remote Moderator and Contact

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