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Action Line C9 Media Meeting
18 May 2011, WSIS Forum

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UNESCO hosted the sixth facilitation meeting on C9 media at WSIS Forum 2011 joined by a panel of 4 speakers and 35 participants.

The meeting explores various guidelines and media regulation frameworks of broadcasters, particularly PSB, and the emerging social network platforms.

UNESCO took the opportunity to present two publications “Public Service Broadcasting: a Comparative Legal Survey” and “Guidelines for Broadcasters on Promoting user-generated Content and Media and Information Literacy”.

At reporting session, representative from ITU and AMARC respectively reported ITU’s work of supporting transition from analogue to digital broadcasting, and the latest development of community media. A civil society participant reported the recent dynamics of media education. A blogger panelist shared her view on why media regulation matters to every individual, particularly at this social media era. UNESCO’s publications were well appreciated by the participants. The discussion focused on how to maintain PSB’s important role in digital era, how to deal with the convergence of traditional media and new media, and particularly, the brand new media as Youtube which raises a huge challenge to existing media regulatory framework. Participants also put forward various questions about digital broadcasting transition and community media.

C9 meeting seems the only session focused on media issues. Since Internet and ICT’s become most powerful media vehicles in digital era, it would be useful to give more attention to media issues and encourage organizing more media-related events including high level debates at WSIS forum in future.


Chair: Mrs Elizabeth Smith, Transforming Broadcasting

Opening Remark by Ms Xianhong Hu, Freedom of Expression and Media Development Division, UNESCO

Presentations by Panelists

Reporting Session
"Transition from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting"
by Mr István Bozsóki, BDT/PRI/TND, ITU

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