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Action Line C7 E-science, WSIS Forum 2012

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The session opened with the recognition that science and scientific endeavour was very important for economic and sustainable development. It was equally recognized that today’s society is very technology and ICT based.  All scientific advances now integrate ICTs at some level of their development.

Over the last decades there has been a steady decline in the interest and enrollment rates in sciences. This is a challenge being faced by educators today and new teaching and learning methodologies have to be developed and used to reach a majority of youngsters.

Mr Vikram Savkar, Senior Vice President and Publishing Director, Nature Publishing Group highlighted the need to inspire youngsters to science through for example popularization of local scientists, exposure to science and science environments and building awareness of global issues; The need to promote problem solving, project based learning; The need to build on teachers capabilities and the need to address the problems related to infrastructure. One of the issues of concern was the need to ensure employment on graduation – creating economies, R&D, teaching, entrepreneurship. Maintain connectivity through social mediums - students, teachers, researchers.

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Moderator: Presentation by Ms Lucy Hoareau, Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO

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