"Mobile Learning: Cellphones, tablets, digital textbooks, and what’s more?"


Action line: C7 E-learning

Webcast  (Webcast is provided in REAL media Format)

This year’s C7 session was merged with Action Line C4 capacity building hosted by ITU. The facilitation meeting focused on the rapid development of mobile learning. Specific focus was given to the opportunities and challenges that mobile learning has brought to the conventional education system as well as information learning contexts, and to learners of different generations. The meeting was moderated by Mr. Fengchun Miao, a Programme Specialist at UNESCO.

Ms. Aruna Srinivasan, Director of mEducation at the GSMA Development Fund, set the scene by describing how mobile education has the power to transform lives. Further presentations included an overview of the UNESCO regional reviews of mobile learning policies and on using mobile technologies to support teachers’ development by Mr. Steve Vosloo of UNESCO; the national digital textbook strategy of South Korea by Mr. Jongwon Seo of UNESCO; the results of a survey of 1:1 netbook implementations in six European countries by Ms. Anja Balanskat of European Schoolnet; a description of how mobile learning and mobile social media can support learners and health professionals in low resource settings by Mr. Christoph Pimmer from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland; and the role of the private sector in scaling up mobile learning initiatives by Ms. Florence Gaudry-Perkins of Alcatel-Lucent.


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