UNESCO Open Consultation on the 2013 WSIS+10 Review meeting


11:15-13:00, Tuesday 15 May 2012
Room XI

This Open Consultation will build on the WSIS+10 discussions to be held earlier in the Governing Body Room (9-10:45am). The consultation will be an opportunity for the host of the WSIS 2013 Review Event, UNESCO, and for the co-organizers ITU, UNDP and UNCTAD to take note of the 2013 event expectations of all stakeholders. The WSIS stakeholders conveyed already their views on the 2013 event through the inclusive drafting process of the WSIS+10 review Action Plan by the United Nations Group on the Information Society (UNGIS).

The UNGIS Action Plan foresees for the 2013 event a review of emerging trends in the Information Society and the development of recommendations. UNESCO will give a short introduction on the objectives, approach and initial building blocks envisaged for the 2013 WSIS Review Event, and will listen carefully to all stakeholders’ input.

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