Addressing some unintended consequences of participation in the digital environment


Workshop No 193, IGF in Nairobi 2011

UNESCO and UNECA convened a panel of practitioners, researchers and policy-makers working on ICT for Development issues in Africa to explore some of the unintended consequences of efforts to increase Africa’s participation in the digital world.

The session drew on examples from within the African context and identify lessons from current work that could inform current and future practice.

The session explored undesired side effects such as diversion of resources, concerns around the safety of on-line transactions and data, e-waste as well as threats to the survival of African languages. By sharing and disseminating experiences of successes in combating these effects as well as through raising awareness of relevant resources and strategies, the session supported national responses to mitigating these emerging challenges and to enhancing the positive impact of ICT in Africa.

The List of Speakers

  • Ms Gladys Muhunyo, Director, Computer Aid International
  • Ms Titi Akinsanmi, Researcher, LINK Centre, University of Witwatersrand
  • Mr Maurice Tadieu, Association Nationale des Comités de Langues Camerounaises (ANACLAC)
  • Ms Eskedar Nega, Programme Officer - ICT Policy Development, UNECA

Mr Paul Hector, Knowledge Society Division, UNESCO 


Mr Paul Hector
Programme Specialist
Section for universal access and preservation, Knowledge Societies Division

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