Towards a comprehensive matrix for the 2015 assessment


UNESCO has always coordinated international action to maximize the benefits that can be derived from information, media and communication. It therefore played a leading part, alongside the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in organizing the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). In the follow-up to the Summit, UNESCO took on three main roles in the WSIS implementation.

The Commission on Science and Technology Development (CSTD) is reporting regularly on the first two aspects of the WSIS follow-up of all stakeholders, including of UNESCO’s. It includes, however, only highlights of UNESCO’s action, so does the report to the Executive Board, which is also very short.

UNESCO's Communication and Information Sector decided to undertake a more detailed assessment of UNESCO activities, which involve the use of ICTs and serve WSIS goals.

This will serve us also in view of positioning UNESCO for the 2015 WSIS review. In 2015, the UN Assembly General will make an overall review of the WSIS implementation (Paragraph 111, Tunis Agenda). UNESCO’s global efforts will be also assessed at that occasion.

UNESCO will progress with the assessment in three steps:

  1. Assessment of WSIS related activities along the topics of the six Action Lines UNESCO is facilitating, through research in SISTER (UNESCO’s programming and budgeting tool).
  2. Inclusion in SISTER of an WSIS reporting area, in which UNESCO staff will click of the link of their activities to different Action Lines and will also have a box for reporting (in conceptual stage).
  3. The Matrix will be completed with reports on other WSIS related activities (Internet Governance Forum, UNGIS, UIS activities).

The WSIS matrix will aim at facilitating the monitoring of UNESCO’s WSIS implementation and enable UNESCO to develop a forward looking approach leading up 2015 and beyond.

You will find at this link a more detailed WSIS assessment, a WSIS analysis on more than 50 pages. We will add a comprehensive table of activities before the 36th General Conference.

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