Mission statement

The Power of Peace Network (PPN) is an interactive platform that seeks to harness innovative mechanisms to promote peace through media and ICTs.

PPN fosters global collaboration in the use of the tools of information and communication for cultural self-expression, mutual understanding, the reduction of conflict incidents, and the support of sustainable living. PPN endeavors to bring young people to the forefront of this effort, drawing on their energy and often groundbreaking approaches to the challenges that lie ahead. 
Our goals and objectives include the following: 

  • To lead the continuing debate on how to effectively promote mutual understanding by harnessing the world of media and ICTs, including TV, newspapers and magazines, and how to bring youth to the vanguard of leadership, empower civil society and make the power of peace an agent of change.
  • To provide an online community for the sharing of ideas and content, including blogs, audio-visual and written materials that are educational, informative and support the PPN mission.
  • To create a strong network and to convene stakeholders in the Power of Peace Network initiative (including NGOs, youth organizations, media and ICT specialists, government and international agencies, private sector interests, religious and cultural institutions, universities and other educational institutions) in order to respond to the new social and economic challenges in communities around the world.
  • To contribute to sustainable development through knowledge sharing and by finding practical ways to use technologies at our disposal in order to encourage self-expression, achieve better understanding of ourselves, and ultimately enhance the human condition.
  • To support and endorse a global coalition of universities and other educational institutions in developing a collaborative program that incorporates media in peace and conflict studies for broad public education, and for reaching out to young people on university campuses around the world;
  • To facilitate a network of those engaged in media and peace building and  identify possible partnerships between those working on the ground (NGOs and other civil society organizations) and ICTs and media outlets, experts and trainers, supporters of content development, educators, researchers, business advisors, and managers.

PPN activities include the following:

  • To serve as an inter-disciplinary platform for a dialogue among civilizations.
  • To serve as a clearing house for audiovisual content in the context of promoting peace.
  • To provide support to educational institutions through curriculum development, training, and a focus on peace and conflict studies.
  • To support opportunities for life-long learning among media professionals, especially in conflict-sensitive reporting.
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