Voluntary contributions have strengthened UNESCO’s work in freedom of expression in Tunisia.

Development partners


Developing and designing communication and information strategies for the recovery, reconstruction and democratization of Tunisian society

Through support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNESCO opened a Project Office in Tunis in January 2012 to assist the Tunisian Government in developing and designing communication and information strategies for the recovery, reconstruction, and democratization of Tunisian Society, and to assist the Constituent Assembly and civil society in creating the new Constitution.

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Networks of Mediterranean Youth

Financed by the European Union, the programme aims at mainstreaming youth issues and priorities across national decision-making and policy implementation in European Neighbourhood Policy South countries.

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Promoting an Enabling Environment for Freedom of Expression: Global Action with Special Focus on the Arab Region

With financial support from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), UNESCO is promoting freedom of expression, press freedom and freedom of information in the Arab region and South Sudan.

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Promoting Freedom of Expression in Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen

With financial support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, UNESCO is implementing a project in the Arab region to strengthen legal and regulatory frameworks to promote freedom of expression, freedom of information, and press freedom.

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Supporting the Reform of the Tunisian National Television and Radio into Public Service Media

Financed by the Kingdom of Spain, this project assisted the democratic transition in Tunisia through support to the reform of Tunisian national radio and television into public service media, independence, ethical practices and gender equality.

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Training of security forces on freedom of expression, freedom of press and security of journalists to promote democratic principles in Tunisia

The objective of this project, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, is to enhance the security of journalists and foster freedom of expression in Tunisia by making security forces more aware of their responsibility towards journalists and their specific role in a democratic society.

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