Freedom of Information and Sustainable Development; Sealing the Link, Experts Group Meeting, UNESCO Headquarters, 17-18 March 2008

The Experts Meeting brought together a panel of 20 experts from all regions to debate issues related to the right to access to information held by public bodies and its impact on sustainable development worldwide.

On the the experts made presentations about:

  • “Freedom of Information and sustainable development” (session 1);
  • “Challenges for advocacy and implementation of Laws” (session 2);
  • “Freedom of Information visibility on the development agenda” (session 3).

On the morning they three sub-groups discussed:

  • Links between Freedom of Information and citizens’ participation, empowerment, and sustainable development;
  • Best-practices and lesson-learned in the implementation of Freedom of Information legislation in developing countries;
  • Strategy to strengthen Freedom of Information advocacy at the global/regional/national level.

The findings of the sub-groups were later shared in an open meeting on the afternoon of 18 March 2008. This meeting coincided with the launch of the revised and updated edition of the publication “Freedom of Information: a Comparative Legal Survey”, which was presented by its author Toby Mendel.

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