• I am Nepali: Hear My Voice
    The film aims to raise awareness about the right to information and highlights the need for government at all levels to improve access to information and knowledge for all Nepalese people.
  • “The Right to Know – The Fight for Open Democracy in South Africa”
    This video documents how the right to information has supported the struggle for housing and water in two South African communities that the Open Democracy Advice Center has been working with. The Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC) is a leading supporter of the right to know in South Africa, where the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) was passed in 2000. The film features the experience of two communities whom ODAC assisted in utilizing the PAIA to advance their struggle for housing and water. It highlights the relevance of the right to know and the legal instruments guaranteeing it in improving service delivery, furthering citizen empowerment and enhancing government´s responsiveness and accountability, as well as related challenges. UNESCO would like to acknowledge ODAC for its permission to upload the video on the 2010 World Press Freedom Day´s website and the Communication and Information Audiovisual Resources Platform.
  • “It’s Our Money. Where’s It Gone?” (YouTube)
    Documentary film by the International Budget Partnership, featuring the work of MUHURI (Muslims for Human Rights), a civil society organization in Mombasa (Kenya) which engages communities in monitoring public spending and exercising their right to know for holding government accountable
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