Albania has 25 daily newspapers, for which the total combined circulation is estimated not to exceed 70,000 copies. Data on the circulation of the country’s main newspapers and magazines are scarce, since these outlets do not publish circulation data.

In line with European practice, Albania has a dual broadcasting system with public service media and commercial broadcasters. Radio Televizioni Shqiptar (Albanian Radio and Television, RTSH), with its three local branches, is the public service broadcaster of radio and television combined. According to the Authority on Audiovisual Media, 56 radio stations have a local license and two radio stations a national license. There are also 71 television stations with a local license, two of which have a national license. Digital broadcasting has gained in importance, with 83 cable stations operating throughout the country.

The spread of the internet has been a gradual process, with significant increases in recent years. According to the Postal and Electronic Communications Authority, about 210,000 subscribers had access to broadband internet in the first half of 2013, and 1.4 million subscribers accessed internet through their mobile devices in 2012.

The relatively high number of media outlets for the small size of the country has resulted in a fragmented and financially weak market. Transparency of ownership, especially transparency of media funding, remains an unresolved and controversial issue.

Updated in August 2014

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