Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Code of Ethics

A general code of ethics was adopted in 2001 by the Macedonian Institute for Media and the Association of Journalists of (the Former Yugoslav Republic of) Macedonia to provide ethical guidelines for journalists. The Code reasserts journalists’ commitment to freedom and independence and it specifically states that “the main duty of the journalist is to respect the truth and the right of the public to be informed”. The Code also contains provisions related to journalists’ independence, namely Article 14.

Article 4 specifically protects journalistic sources, stating that “the journalist shall point out the source of information, but if the source demands to remain anonymous, the journalist shall protect him”.

In 2003, the public broadcaster also adopted a “Declaration for professional and ethical principles in the programme” which is a code of ethics regulating the conduct of the PBS towards the public.  The Declaration states that “the information presented by the broadcaster should not be biased, while the facts and positions that are presented must be balanced and ethically proper”. The Declaration adds that “the information and the other contents must be precise and properly cited” (see Television across Europe: Follow-up Reports 2008, pdf here).

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