Kosovo: Associations and Unions

The Association of Kosovo Professional Journalists (APJK) is a not-for-profit independent organization founded in 2002. Its main objective is to promote journalists’ working conditions and improve professional standards in order to create a better working environment. This should result in better conditions for press freedom. Membership to the APJK is free. In 2011 the Association started a project in cooperation with the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) focusing on capacity development and promoting freedom of expression and information.
The Union of Kosovo Journalists (UGK) is the second journalists’ trade union in Kosovo.

The Association of Independent Electronic Media of Kosovo (AMPEK) represents about 70% of electronic media. It defends the professional rights of independent media in Kosovo. It also monitors the implementation of the laws relating the media sector.

The Association of Kosovo Publishers represents the interest of Kosovo publishers.

The Kosovo Media Institute is an independent not-for-profit organization. Its main activities are journalists’ training and assistance. It offers both pre and mid-career journalism courses with the objective of enhancing professional skills of journalists in Kosovo.

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