Montenegro became independent in 2006. The media landscape still reflects the political divisions that the struggle for national independence created.

The number of active media outlets is high and disproportionate to the small size of the country, its population and its economy. However, no data on aggregate viewership or readership are available. Television is the most popular medium, according to the Agency for Electronic Media. In April 2013, there were 16 commercial television stations and 38 commercial radio stations, along with a national public service broadcaster and 17 local public services (three television and 14 radio stations).

In terms of print media, five daily newspapers and one political weekly magazine are published in Montenegro. Two major dailies, Vijesti and Dan have been unrivalled leaders for more than a decade.

Internet penetration in Montenegro crossed 50% in 2011 and has continued its steady growth. As a consequence, the online media market has developed significantly in recent years.

Updated in August 2014

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