Montenegro: Code of Ethics

A Code of Ethics was issued in 2002 by the Association of Professional Journalists (UNEM) and adopted by the representatives of several journalists’ associations. Its implementation is supervised by the Media Council for Self-Regulation. The code lays down 12 basic principles divided into several guidelines for journalists to follow in their professional practice. The code states that “a journalist serves public interest” and that his or her credibility rests on “professional honesty, integrity and knowledge”. The code provides a series of fundamental general principles and guidelines to interpret these principles. Its provisions range from the basic duty of a journalist to respect freedom of expression, to the more specific rule related to sources’ protection. Article 6 of the code, for example, states that “for recovery of information in any form, a journalist should use professionally honorable and legally allowed methods. The exception from this rule is allowed only in cases when those methods are not enough, and information one needs to reach is exceptionally important for the public”.

Article 9 obliges journalists to protect the integrity of minors and disabled people. The code also states that journalists should not accept privileges of any kind that might limit or bring in question their impartiality and autonomy (Article 11).


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