The number of print media in Serbia has decreased by more than 50% since 2009, dropping from around 430 print media outlets in 2009 to 200 at the end of 2011, out of which were 20 daily newspapers. As no official data is available on readership, it is estimated that between 800,000 and 1 million copies are sold every day. While print media experienced a recent drop in circulation, the online editions of print media have grown.

Television remains the dominant source of information. The broadcasting system is a mixture of public service broadcasters, commercial stations and regional and local budget-financed stations. Serbia has two public broadcasters: the national public service, Radio Television Serbia (RTS), with two channels available nationwide; and a regional service in the ethnically mixed province of Vojvodina, which also has two channels, one of them airing programs in 10 languages spoken by ethnic minorities. According to the Serbian Business Registers Agency, there are 25 registered radio stations and 24 registered television stations in the country. The second most popular Serbian channel after RTS is TV Pink, a commercial television.

Fifty-two percent of the country’s population actively uses the internet. According to the Serbian Business Registers Agency, there are 131 online media outlets.

Updated in August 2014

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