Serbia: Associations and Unions

There are two main professional associations in Serbia: the Journalists Association of Serbia (Udruzenje novinara Srbije - UNS) and the Independent Journalist Association of Serbia (Nezavisno udruzenje novinara Srbije - NUNS).

The Journalist Association of Serbia (UNS) was founded in 1881 in Belgrade and has always been active. Today it is the largest sector’s association, and it claims to have more than 6,000 members. Its main task is to protect journalists and freedom of expression in the country and to improve working conditions in the media field. The Association also has an important role for journalists’ education, with a School of Journalism “intended for beginners who want to be professional journalists”. Furthermore in 2008 the Association founded a “Web Journalism School”. The Association also has a Press Center.

The Independent Journalist Association of Serbia (NUNS) was founded in 1994 as a “non-partisan, professional organization”. As of today, it claims to have over 3,300 members. The main objectives of the association are the protection of journalists, the promotion of professional and ethical standards, the establishment of a climate of cooperation between journalists. The Association is founded by membership fees, donations and incomes from the Media Center.
Recently NUNS activated a “black box”  on its website to which citizens can send complaints and signals about ethical code violations.

The Independent Association of Vojvodina Journalists was created in 1990 with the principal aim of promoting the development of a free, objective and professional journalism. The Association also seeks to protect and improve journalists' rights and interests. It is also active in the training sector, with workshops and seminars, and provides a service of free legal assistance to its members. The association owns a press center located in Novi Sad, in the northern province of Vojvodina.

The Association of Independent Electronic Media (ANEM) was founded in 1993 and it is a broadcast owners association registered as a non-profit business company. ANEM comprises 37 full members and 49 affiliate members that are founders of over 100 TV/radio stations across Serbia. The Association was founded with the aim to “unite existing isolated media as the first step towards breaking the state-controlled media’s monopoly” (ANEM website). ANEM’s main activities include giving opinion on media policies, promoting education and training for media staff, providing legal support and technical help for its members.

There are professional unions such as the Association of Sport Journalists of Serbia (USNS).

The Local Press association consists of 14 private media, 10 public enterprises and a social one. It defines itself as an association of independent local media and started its activities in 1995. The primary goal is to provide true and credible information. It also had the general objective of promoting and harmonizing the activities of its members and representing the professional interests before the state and other agencies and organizations. In 2002 Local Press became a business association with its own legal entity.

Media Association (Asocijacija medija) is a publishers’ association. It includes major newspapers and magazines from different groups.

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