Serbia: Code of Ethics

A Code of Ethics of Serbian Journalists was drafted in 2006 and adopted in 2009 by both the Independent Journalist Association of Serbia (NUNS) and the Journalist Association of Serbia (UNS). This gave the green light to the introduction of media self-regulation in Serbia. Following this adoption, the major Serbian media organizations established a press council responsible for monitoring the compliance of journalists with the Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics sets the main standards of professional conduct for journalists. The first part of the Code concerns the obligation for the journalists to respect the truth in their reporting. They must be accurate, objective and comprehensive. Also, they must allow the reader to clearly distinguish between facts and opinions.

A second chapter of the Code requires the independence of journalists from any external pressure as well as from any censorship, while in the third chapter the principles of responsibility of journalists are provided.

The Code also focuses on the relationship with sources, stating that journalists must respect request for anonymity. In the same direction, the code also states that journalists must present different views when they have the opportunity of doing so.

The Code’s provisions are extensive and cover a wide range of topics setting out high professional standards.

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