The media sector in Turkey is structurally divided into big media groups which owners are also involved as investors and shareholders in different sectors of the economy.

Compared to its population, the number of print media readers is considered low. The total number of newspapers circulating in Turkey is estimated to be 2,459. Newspaper circulation per 1000 inhabitants is 95. Fifty-five of the country’s newspapers are national, 23 regional and 2,381 local.

Television is the main information and entertainment source in Turkey, with 24 national, 16 regional and 215 local television stations. The public broadcaster TRT has 11 national television channels. The number of private radio channels in Turkey is around 1100, and 100 of them are also available on cable. Of these 36 are national, 102 are regional and 950 are local radio stations. TRT has 4 national radio channels and 10 regional radio stations.

The internet penetration in the country was about 48 % in 2013. All the national newspapers and TV channels have web editions updated throughout the day, and some of these are also available in English. There are numerous news portals and Internet magazines, but mainstream media websites are still the most popular online news sources according. Interest in online media is considered to be high.

Updated in August 2014

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