A Marc-ready data entry interface for CDS/ISIS

New: version 1.542 available (22 June 2006) 

ISISMarc is basically a data entry interface for CDS/ISIS databases that work on Windows and it is meant to replace the standard Winisis data entry window with a more powerful environment. The software was developed in co-operation with the Library of Congress (USA) and the SIU Program of the Ministry of Education of Argentina. 

As its name implies ISISMarc is particularly adapted for handling MARC-like formats, namely MARC21, UNIMARC, etc. However it can be used with any other CDS/ISIS database very easily. 

The main features of the ISISMarc software are: 

- Multi-user capable (for local area networks) 
- has independent and multi-lingual worksheets definition 
- allows single subfields units data entry, each one with a complete description 
- allows multiple subfields data entry 
- totally customisable 
- handling of authority files as external data bases 
- field or even subfield level user-help links 
- supports record validation through CDS/ISIS format 
- supports cross-data base copy/paste of records 
- supports Begin and End edition automated operations 
- built-in characters editing capabilities (uppercase to lowercase, etc) and give access to Windows’ character map 
- supports multiple users’ profiles 
- built-in Z39.50 client 
- global view of the record (through CDS/ISIS formats) 
- … and much more… 

Marc21Lite and Unimarc 

ISISMarc features complete sets of both Marc21Lite and Unimarc databases in CDS/ISIS format, ready to be used for your applications. 


Databases list and location 

Databases will be installed on the same drive selected for the IsisMarc software. Existing databases CODES and MSGS will be overwritten. 
It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED TO BACKUP the above mentioned databases in order not to loose any possible change made. 
Databases included in this distribution, are: 

* BDU (300 records from Argentinean Union Catalogue). It includes form sheets (FMT21) entries for distinct MARC21 material. The entry sheets were built by UNCuyo cataloguers. 
* BLANK, the same as BDU but empty (0 records). 
* SERVERS Z39.50 Isis Database servers: use this database for adding/removing z39.50 destination servers 
* DOTS Isis database for punctuation rules. 

Upgrading from Isismarc 1.4 

IsisMarc install was created with InnoSetup(c) OSS tool. 
It detects 1.4 version and it is strongly recommend to use the same folder for 1.5 
It is also STRONGLY REMMENDED to do a complete BACKUP of DBISIS databases before launching the new Setup.exe. Mrclts/e isismarc2.cip will be overwritten 

IsisMarc 1.4 Program Group will not be destroyed if you choose a folder different than Isismarc. 

Fresh install 

Fresh install should not present any problem. Simply select the folder where WinIsis is located and Isismarc will be installed there.

Uninstall Features 
If Isismarc 1.53 was installed upgrading IsisMarc 1.4, the icon group related to 
“uninstall Isismarc” will remain and will uninstall Isismarc 1.53 

If Isismarc was installed without upgrading from a new version, you may uninstall it using the Adding/Removing Programs option from Windows’ Control panel. 

Open Source 

ISISMarc has been developed using C++ and the ISIS_DLL. ISISMarc source files are available to everybody for downloading here. 
Please contact us if you are interested in knowing and participating to ongoing OpenSource developments on IsisMarc

Development Team 
Ing. Ernesto Spinak. 
Ms Alexandra Fernandez 
Argentina's Ministry of Education SIU Program (Mr Emiliano Marmonti) 

Official testing, documentation and deployments 
Argentina's National University of Cuyo (Patricia Testa, Paula Ceriotto & Martin Longo) 

Download ISISMarc 1.542 now! 

Download ISISMarc 1.53 

Download ISISMarc 1.53 manuals (English) 

IsisMarc in Italian

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