IDAMS Statistical Software

WinIDAMS is a software package for the validation, manipulation and statistical analysis of data, developed by the UNESCO Secretariat in co-operation with experts from various countries. It is distributed free-of-charge upon request.

  • New release of WinIDAMS (1.3) is available since May 2008. It contains a new program for multivariate analysis of variance, new features in two programs, new statistics in four programs as well as correction of few bugs.
  • WinIDAMS and a self-teaching module "How to work with WinIDAMS" are available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

It offers:

  • modern graphical user interface and on-line Reference Manual,

  • possibility to customize the environment for an application,

  • facilities for editing/creating data files and data description files,

  • interactive data import/export,

  • editor for creating/updating files with instructions for program execution,

  • viewer for displaying and quick navigation through results,

  • advanced text editing facilities,

  • facilities for sorting and merging files, data editing, checking of codes and consistencies, correcting, listing, subsetting, aggregating, merging and transforming data, including construction of new variables,

  • wide range of data analysis techniques such as: table building, regression analysis, one-way analysis of variance, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, principal components factor analysis and analysis of correspondences, partial order scoring, rank ordering of alternatives, segmentation and iterative typology,

  • interactive components for construction of multidimensional tables and their graphical presentation, for graphical exploration of data and for times series analysis.



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