Promotional toolkit

  • IFAP PowerPoint presentation
    This is a basic Power Point presentation outlining IFAP's objectives and activities.
  • IFAP PowerPoint template
    This is a basic template used for all presentations related to IFAP activities.
  • IFAP Roll-up
    English and French units are available for use at Paris-based events. IFAP Committees are encouraged to produce their own roll-ups in their local language.
    If you want to print out your own IFAP Roll-ups, please download the three zip files: All necessary files to print out the IFAP roll-ups, either in English or in French, are contained in these zip files and can be explored with IXPress, a commonly used graphic editing software. 
    For information: 
    - size of the roll-up: 80 x 200 cm 
    - production cost (including support) in Paris: 180 Euro HT/unit
  • Information for All Programme, IFAP: living information
    The vision of the Information for All Programme (IFAP) is of a world where everyone has access to information that is relevant to them and where everyone has the opportunity and skills to use this information in creating better societies.
    2006; 15 p., illus.
  • Information for All Programme, IFAP: report 2004/2005
    130-page full colour publication on activities during 2004-05, including information about IFAP funded projects. The report is now available in English, French and Russian.
    2006; 133 p., illus. ; CI.2006/WS/10
  • Information for All Programme, IFAP: report 2006/2007
    The Information for All Programme (IFAP) is UNESCO's response to the challenges and opportunities of the Information Society. The last decade has witnessed technological developments at a scale and speed unprecedented in the history of humankind.
    2007; 91p., illus.
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