Radio in Humanitarian Assistance

“Radio-in-a-Box” is an integrated mobile radio broadcasting station that could be used during disaster and emergency response and community broadcasting. 


“Radio-in-Box” is an integrated mobile broadcasting system based on digital technologies.  It fulfills long-felt requirements in disaster and emergency response particularly in situations where radio infrastructure has been destroyed and urgently requires replacement.  It takes around two hours to set up full operation of the compact “Radio-in-a-Box”.  It provides a simple solution for the start-up of a community radio station and is integrated easily into relief operations that need to facilitate and channel post-disaster information. 

The “box” measures around 55 x 50 cm and contains a laptop, mixer, a DVD player and a 30W FM transmitter. It is used to produce radio programmes using a portable digital audio recorder and microphone inputs; accommodates pre-recorded material; schedules playlists for automatic playback and broadcasts content through a built-in FM transmitter.

Recent design improvements for live recording and broadcasting include a monitor/speaker mute/fade facility; professional monitor speakers; more robust carry-case; land line and mobile telephone hybrid; easily transportable antennas with carry-case. A tabletop version with similar facilities has also been developed and is being deployed in several countries. 

“Radio-in-a-Box” is being used by communities in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Jamaica, India, Philippines, Sudan, Samoa, Tonga, Tanzania and Vanuatu with UNESCO’s support.



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