Previous MIL Week

Previously, the week focused on MIL and intercultural dialogue. Flagship conferences have been held in Barcelona (2012), Cairo (2013), and Beijing (2014). In 2015, stakeholders had agreed to push for a globally recognized MIL Week. Intercultural Dialogue continues to be a central theme.

Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue Week unites diverse actors committed to promoting media and information literacy (MIL) as a way to foster social inclusion and inter-cultural dialogue. Every year, stakeholders, international organizations, universities, associations, research groups and teachers from all around the world attend to give momentum to the dialogue at a global level.

This annual event is led by UNESCO in cooperation with GAPMIL and within the framework of the Media and Information and Intercultural Dialogue (MILID) University Network.

MILID Week offers opportunities to draw worldwide attention to how MIL helps empower citizens. It seeks to foster synergies among experts, academics, and other civil society actors and practitioners of MIL by encouraging them to work together. MILID Week is a platform for cooperation, debates and exchanges of experiences.

Stakeholders of MILID Week are interested in the fundamental link between Media and Information literacy (MIL) and Intercultural Dialogue. In an age of constantly changing technologies and evolving information and media, enhancing access to media and information literacy has never been more relevant to social policies.

These competencies (knowledge, skills and attitude) contribute to social inclusion and cohesion, and mutual understanding which are essentials for peace and good governance and democracy. A critical understanding the functions of media and information providers is indispensable in promoting a culture of peace, tolerance.

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