Media and Information Curricula for Teacher Education

22-23 September 2009, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France.

The preparation of this Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Curriculum for Teacher Education was a follow-up action discussed during the International Expert Group Meeting, June 2008, UNESCO Headquarters, which advised how we should proceed with the preparation of the MIL curriculum.

Subsequent to the June 2008 meeting a follow-up working meeting took place in October 2008 which further elaborated the recommendations of the first expert meeting.

As recommended by the experts, the preparation of the curriculum has been divided into four distinct yet integrally related components. These are the Core Subjects/Content, Learning Outcomes/Objectives, Competencies and Pedagogical and Assessment Approaches.

Four experts who participated in the consultation have been engaged by UNESCO to carry out the work and to lead expert working groups (WG) participating in the preparation of the twelve modules. One of these four persons served as co-coordinator of the curriculum preparation and assisted with the synthesis of the overall curriculum.

The overall purpose of this expert review meeting was to assess the draft modules and learning outcomes prepared by the working groups and to make recommendations for the improvement of the curriculum as a whole. To ensure the independent and objective validation of the draft curriculum, a number of experts who were not involved in the development of the curriculum were invited to participate in this process.


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