Series of regional training of trainer workshops and consultation for Southern Africa, Latin America and Caribbean and Southern Asia

Following the second expert group meeting that reviewed the first draft of the Media and Information Literacy Curriculum for Teachers, a series of regional teacher training workshops took place between October and December 2009. These were held in South Africa, Sri Lanka and Jamaica.

Over 70 teacher educators from 45 teacher training institutions participated in the workshops. During the working sessions, the participants discussed and were trained on the role of MIL in education, with an in-depth look at certain modules of the draft curriculum.

These training sessions were also meant to introduce the first draft of the curriculum to educators as well as to request feedback on the relevance of its content. This information was later used in the preparation of the second draft of the curriculum.

The Regional Training of Trainers Workshops acted also as an initial contact point to engage teacher educators on strategies for possible adaptation of the curriculum.

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