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Global Media and Information Literacy Assessment Framework: Country Readiness and Competencies
Paris: UNESCO, 2013.

MIL Curriculum for Teacher Education
Paris: UNESCO, 2011.

UNESCO Information Literacy Indicators: Validation Report
Prepared by Ralph Catts, University of Stirling, United Kingdom
Paris: UNESCO, 2010.

Mapping Media Education Policies in the World. Visions, Programmes and Challenges
United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, UNESCO, European Commission, Grupo Comunicar

Towards Information Literacy Indicators
Paris: UNESCO, Catts, R. and Lau, J. 2008.

Understanding Information Literacy: A Primer
Paris: UNESCO, Horton, F. W. Jr. 2008.

Media Development Indicators. Media development indicators: a Framework for Assessing Media Development
Paris: UNESCO, 2008.

The Global Literacy Challenge: A profile of youth and adult literacy at the mid-point of the United Nations Literacy Decade 2003 – 2012
Paris : UNESCO, 2008. 

The United Nations Decade on Literacy (2003-2012). The Literacy Decade:
Getting Started 2003-2004
Paris: UNESCO, 2004. 

The Plurality of Literacy and its Implications for Policies and Programmes.
Position Paper.

Paris : UNESCO, 2004.

The Prague Declaration - "Towards an Information Literate Society"
Prague, Czech Republic, 20-23 September 2003

Expert Group meeting on Literacy Assessment in 2003. Topics and Issues for the UNESCO expert meeting.
UNESCO. 2005.

UNESCO / National Forum on Information Literacy / IFLA.  2006. Alexandria Proclamation on InformationLiteracy and Lifelong Learning

International Information & Library Review (IILR), Volume 29 (3-4).
UNESCO. 1997.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
New York: United Nations. 1948.

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