Youth and Information technology

Access to information does not define itself only in terms of access to different technologies and media, but must take into account the nature and type of information youth need for full participation in society.

UNESCO, through its Communication and Information Sector, is therefore actively assisting young people to produce information themselves by supporting youth media, by facilitating the creation of youth information and communication networks and by providing appropriate technologies to youth organisations.

An important initiative for UNESCO is Infoyouth, a worldwide information network of government authorities, relevant agencies and youth organizations on youth-related issues. The establishment of various information structures all over the world is a high priority, reflecting a key concern to secure better conditions with which young people can access information.

By collecting information concerning different youth activities and projects and providing training, these info-structures meet the constantly increasing needs of young people and youth NGOs for an increased access to information for education and development. Infoyouth also supports the global preventive effort against HIV/AIDS.

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