Bulgaria - Saint Sophia

Selection of miniatures. Devised by a group of Bulgarian and French writers, the “Saint Sophia” project focuses on an interactive CD featuring a trial multimedia edition of Bulgarian manuscripts.

© St. Cyrill and St. Methodius National Library (NBKM)
Saint Sophia manuscript, Four Gospels (Buhovo Gospels) - St. Luke

It aims to evoke the emblematic figure of Saint Sophia, patron saint of Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, in Bulgarian history, literature and civilization between the 11th and the 17th centuries.The selected documents are mainly facsimile reproductions, in the form of digital images, of Bulgarian manuscripts, including the most ancient known manuscript, the “Book of Apostolic Epistles of Enina” (11th century).They are supplemented by illustrations, frontispieces and decorative motifs and by photographs of historical and archaeological sites.There are also printed transcriptions in old Bulgarian and the translation into modern Bulgarian, into English (where it exists) and into French of a number of manuscripts.

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