Asian-African Conference Archives

Documentary heritage submitted by Indonesia and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2015.

© National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia
The Observer Delegation from Palestine, Mufthi Amien El Husaini had a discussion with the Prime Minister of the People Republic of China, Chou En Lai during the A-A Conference in Merdeka Building, Bandung on April 19th 1955 (Positive Nr.: 550419 FP 26)

The Asian-African Conference (AAC) Archives is a set of documents, pictures and films related to the Conference held in Bandung, Indonesia, from 18 to 24 April 1955. The conference was the first international assembly of Asian-African nations, aimed to promote world peace and cooperation, and freedom from colonialism and imperialism. The Conference was attended by 29 Asian and African countries.

  • Year of submission: 2014
  • Year of inscription: 2015
  • Country: Indonesia
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